The peri-microvascular edema in hippocampal CA1 area in a rat model of sepsis
A quantitative study of the pathological changes in white matter in multiple system atrophy
A presenilin 1 mutation (L420R) in a family with early onset Alzheimer disease, seizures and cotton wool plaques, but not spastic paraparesis
Neuroblastomas and medulloblastomas exhibit more Coxsackie adenovirus receptor expression than gliomas and other brain tumors
Oxidative stress is related to the formation of Antoni B patterns and eosinophilic hyaline droplets in schwannomas
Human astrocytes express aquaporin-1 and aquaporin-4 in vitro and in vivo
Expression of insulin-like growth factor-II and leukemia inhibitory factor antibody immunostaining on the ionized calcium-binding adaptor molecule 1-positive microglias in the spinal cord of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients
Co-existing fibrous dysplasia and atypical lymphoplasmacyte-rich meningioma
A sporadic case of Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease with beta-amyloid deposits and alpha-synuclein inclusions
Follicular lymphoma of the dura associated with meningioma
Venous congestive myelopathy of the cervical spinal cord
Primary diffuse leptomeningeal gliomatosis followed with serial magnetic resonance images
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with dementia showing clinical parkinsonism and severe degeneration of the substantia nigra
Asymptomatic persistence of anti-Yo antibodies for 5 years without relapse of malignancy
Tumor arising in the middle cranial fossa of a 74-year-old man with extensive brain edema