Electroencephalography/magnetoencephalography study of cortical activities preceding prosaccades and antisaccades

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The temporal and spatial characteristics of brain activity preceding prosaccades and antisaccades were investigated using source reconstructions of 64-channel electroencephalography and 148-channel magnetoencephalography data. Stimulus-locked data showed early cuneus activity was stronger during antisaccades, and later occipital gyrus activity was stronger preceding prosaccades, which suggests a top-down influence on early visual processing. Response-locked data showed that supplementary eye field, prefrontal cortex, and medial frontal eye field activity was greater for antisaccades than for prosaccades prior to saccade generation. Lateral frontal eye field activity appeared to be inhibited prior to antisaccade response generation. The spatial and temporal resolution of combined electroencephalography/magnetoencephalography data allows the evaluation of specific cortical activities preceding saccades and for demonstration of how activities differ as a function of response contingencies.

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