Effect of stimulation of the lateral hypothalamus on the correlation of neuron spike activity in the rabbit neocortex

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Cross-correlation and autocorrelation histograms were constructed with the aim of studying correlated spike activity of neurons in the visual and sensorimotor regions of both hemispheres of the rabbit brain before and after stimulation of the right and left lateral hypothalamic regions, which generates food-motivated responses. Stimulation of the left hypothalamus produced larger rearrangements in correlated neuron firing than stimulation of the right hypothalamus. Stimulation of the left hypothalamus, unlike that of the right hypothalamus, was followed by significant increases in the numbers of pairs of left hemisphere neocortical neurons with linked activity, and also induced the sequential firing of neurons in a particular defined order: sensorimotor cortex cells fired first, followed by visual cortex neurons after delays of up to 120 msec. It is concluded that cortical interhemisphere asymmetry in conditions of hunger is associated with nonuniform functioning of the right and left lateral hypothalamic regions.

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