Structural Organization of the Nervous System of the Mantle Cavity Wall and Organs in Prosobranch Mollusks

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A variety of common histological stains was used, along with the Golgi and Colognier silver impregnation methods and electron microscopy, to perform a comparative study of the morphological characteristics of receptor and nerve cells and their interactions in the nervous system of the wall of the mantle cavity and mantle derivatives – gills, siphon, and osphradia – of the marine prosobranch gastropod mollusks Buccinum undatum and Littorina littorea. The results are discussed along with our own previously obtained data on the organization of the osphradial sensory organs and the afferent elements of the mantle cavity wall in other prosobranch mollusks – the terrestrial Pomatia elegans and the freshwater Viviparus contectus and Pomacea paludosa. Using the nervous system of the complex of mantle organs of prosobranch mollusks as examples, the structural features and evolutionary trends of the afferent part of the visceral nervous system of gastropods are discussed.

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