Behavior-Reactive Neuron Populations in the Monkey Neostriatum

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Comparative analysis of neuron activity in the monkey putamen during multistep behavior showed that putamen neurons are active during all the animal's behavioral actions. The difference between the number of active neurons at a given step of the behavior as compared with the preceding step was found to be significantly smaller than the number of neurons reorganizing their activity at this step. Reorganization of neuron activity in the putamen is regarded as a reflection of the efferent code controlling the behavior, while the extent of reorganization is regarded as a measure of the change in this code in association with the organization of a sequential behavioral action. Changes in the numbers of active neurons at different stage of behavior and reorganization of their activity occurred independently of each other. This may be associated with the two afferent systems of the striatum: that ascending from the brainstem and the corticofugal, which carries differential information to the neural network of the striatum from various parts of the cortex.

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