Effects of Helium-Neon Laser Irradiation and Local Anesthetics on Potassium Channels in Pond Snail Neurons

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Intracellular dialysis and membrane voltage clamping were used to show that He-Ne laser irradiation of a pond snail neuron at a dose of 0.7.10−4 J (power density 1.5.102 W/m2) increases the amplitude of the potential-dependent slow potassium current, while a dose of 0.7.10−3 J decreases this current. Bupivacaine suppresses the potassium current. Combined application of laser irradiation at a dose of 0.7.10−3 J increased the blocking effect of 10 μM bupivacaine on the slow potassium current, while an irradiation dose of 0.7.10−4 J weakened the effect of bupivacaine.

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