Striopallidal Projections of the Zona Incerta of the Dog Diencephalon

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The projections of individual sectors of the zona incerta (ZI) of the dog diencephalon to functionally diverse segments of striatal structures were studied using a method based on the antero- and retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase. The author's previous and present data on the interactions of the ZI with all striopallidal structures are summarized. Among the striatal nuclei, only the dorsal segments of the putamen received fibers from neurons in the rostral, ventral, and caudal sectors of the ZI. The ZI was found not to receive any projections from any striatal structure. The ZI and dorsal nuclei of the pallidum (the globus pallidus and entopeduncular nucleus) were reciprocally connected with almost all sectors of the ZI. No connections were found between the ventral pallidum and the ZI.

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