Interaction of Stationary Excitation Foci in the Rabbit Brain

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Chronic experiments on rabbits addressed the effects of the state of “animal hypnosis” on a motor polarization dominant created using a direct current anode in the sensorimotor cortex of the left hemisphere (a “left” dominant) at the behavioral and electrophysiological levels. Animal hypnosis could not be induced on the background of an optimum “left” dominant. Animal hypnosis was easily induced on the background of a cryptic “left” dominant state one day after it was created. Animal hypnosis restored the “left” dominant after its extinction. This involved the formation of a new structure of coherent connections in the electrical activity alpha range, which differed from the structures characteristic of each of the dominants. Creation of a “left” dominant on the background of traces of animal hypnosis led to the formation of two unstable foci. On testing, the “left” dominant reached an optimum and inhibited the tonic activity of the right limb typical of animal hypnosis. The interactions of animal hypnosis with dominant foci in the left and right hemispheres of the brain were diametrically opposite.

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