Reference Values for Radiologic Evaluation of Cervical Canal, Vertebral Body, and Torg-Pavlov Ratio

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The present study was aimed to analyze the mean values of the cervical dimensions on plain lateral radiographs. The sagittal canal diameter (SCD) and vertebral body diameter (VBD) were measured using an electronic digital caliper from the levels of C2 to C7 in 424 (226 women, 198 men) radiographs of healthy people aged 20 to 50 years. After these measurements, Torg-Pavlov ratio (the ratio between the SCD and the VBD) was estimated. The mean SCD was found between 19.8±1.2 mm and 18.8±0.8 mm from the levels of C2 to C7 in women whereas same dimension was between 20.4±1.1 mm and 19.5±0.9 mm in men. Additionally, the mean values of the VBD were found between 17.1±0.9 mm and 18.4±0.7 mm in women and between 18.0±1.1 mm and 19.4±1.0 mm in men from the levels of C2 to C7. The Torg-Pavlov ratio was observed 1.1 to 0.9 in women and 1.0 to 0.9 in men.

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