Ventricle to Sagittal Sinus Shunt for Hydrocephalus

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A technique of shunting the lateral ventricle to the superior sagittal sinus is described. It has been used in 36 adult patients; infection occurred in 2 patients (5.6%), and 2 patients required shunt revision (5.6%). The outcome of 18 patients with high pressure hydrocephalus could be validly evaluated, and successful control was achieved in 15 (83%). One of the 3 failures could have been avoided because shunting was undertaken before the ventricular fluid had cleared of blood. Four patients with normal or low pressure hydrocephalus were treated; only 1 had a successful result. This technique is suitable for patients with high pressure hydrocephalus and is of particular value in very ill or debilitated patients because of the rapidity with which it can be performed under local analgesia. Its use in normal or low pressure hydrocephalus must still be evaluated. In any event, the sagittal sinus is certainly a feasible alternate receptor site for ventricular shunting.

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