Three Decades of High-Dose Nicotine Gum Dependence Treated With Nicotine Patches

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Some long-term nicotine gum users are addicted to nicotine and may need assistance to stop. There is no published evidence on the use of nicotine patches for this purpose.

Case Description:

A 45-year old man presented with a 30-year history of high-dose nicotine gum use (up to 200mg nicotine per day). He was highly nicotine dependent and had failed repeatedly to stop using nicotine gum use in the past. Within a week of commencing nicotine patches he was able to cease nicotine gum with minimal discomfort and has remained nicotine-free for 6 months, with abstinence confirmed biochemically. His severe sweating disorder rapidly resolved with cessation of the gum.


Nicotine patches may be an effective treatment for long-term nicotine gum addiction.

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