Novel Spinal Cord Stimulation Parameters in Patients with Predominant Back Pain

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To examine the feasibility of novel high-frequency spinal cord stimulation therapy in a cohort of patients with chronic predominant back pain during a four day, percutaneous trial.


Prospective, multicenter open label pilot trial. Setting and Patients:¦Twenty-four patients with back pain greater than leg pain who were candidates for spinal cord stimulation were trialed at five U.S. centers.


Patients completed a percutaneous trial with a commercially available spinal cord stimulator. The implanted leads were then connected to the novel external stimulation device and patients were trialed for an additional four days.

Outcome Measures:

Pain intensity ratings, subjective descriptions, and patients' preference.


There was significant improvement from baseline in overall pain scores (8.68 to 2.03, [p < 0.001]) and back pain scores (8.12 to 1.88, [p < 0.001]) with the investigational stimulation. The investigational stimulation was preferred to the commercially available systems in 21 of 24 patients (88%).


Patients with predominant back pain reported a substantial reduction in overall pain and back pain when trialed with high-frequency spinal cord stimulation therapy.

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