Stochastic Vibration Model of Gear Transmission Systems Considering Speed-Dependent Random Errors

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A dynamic and stochastic simulation model is developed for analyzing the vibration of gear transmission systems with consideration of the influence of the time-variant stiffness, loads, and gear transmission errors. The gear transmission system is viewed as a non-linear, time-correlated and stationary stochastic system. The transmission errors of gears are decomposed into harmonic and random components based on the spectral analysis. To simulate the random component, a second order Markov process with time-variant parameters considering influence of rotational speed is proposed and the method to determine the model parameters based on the random error of measured gear transmission error is developed. A simulation system is developed. The input to the simulation system is a white Gaussian noise process and harmonic errors, and the output is the rotational vibration acceleration of gears. Experiments are carried out to verify the proposed model. The influences of the random error on vibration acceleration are examined using the developed simulation system.

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