A successful case on traditional Chinese fumigation-soaking therapy in treating diabetic peripheral neuropathy

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To investigate the scheme of inducing the diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DNP) symptoms by combine Chinese traditional medicine with modern medicine.


Patient hospitalized on April 1, 2005. Main symptoms in hospitalization: His bilateral fingers and toe tips felt stabbing pain, numb, cold, assuming a type of sock set which alleviated after he had a rest and aggravated after exercise. He had also got the symptom of dizziness, asthenia, eating little food, very thin bowel and body pain which had influence on his sleeping. Physical examination in hospital: The bilateral lower limbs which got a hyperpathia did not swell. The bilateral dorsum pedis artery pulsation was atlenuative. The skin temperature was not high. Other nerve system examination had been discovered abnormal. Diagnosis: Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis: Xiaokebing (blood stasis for insufficiency of qi, blockage of meridian and collaterals). Modern medical diagnosis: Diabetes type 2, DNP, diabetic lower limbs artery obliteration, diabetic foot (0 level), diabetic retinopathy, coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, hypertension, chronic bronchitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary emphysema. Carried on the former therapy plan that continued to use insulin to control blood glucose, depressed blood pressure and total plasma lipoprotein etc. Meanwhile used the therapy of bilateral feet medicinal bath (Sanling 30 g, Ezhu 30 g, Ruxiang 30 g, Moyao 30 g, Zhichuanwu 30 g, Zhicaowu 30 g, Weilingxian 30 g, Mugua 30 g, Sangzhi 30 g), boiled in water, 1 dose everyday, soak feet twice a day, 20–30 minutes once, < 37 °C.


Seven days later, the pain of bilateral feet alleviated obviously, and the bilateral dorsum pedis artery pulsation enhanced. Blood glucose and total plasma lipoprotein had no changes.


The symptoms of DNP such as pain, coldness, numbness of the lower limbs can be induced by combining feet medicinal bath (fumigation-soaking) treatment with modern medicine.

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