Cyclophilin A affects Bcl–2 and Bax expression following beta-amyloid fragment 25–35-induced injury to PC12 cells

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Cyclophilin A can protect neurons against oxidative stress.


To investigate the effect of cyclophilin A on Bcl–2 and Bax protein expression in pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells treated with beta-amyloid fragment 25–35 (A β 25–35), and to verify the protection pathway of cyclophilin A.


The initial experiment was performed at the Laboratory of Department of Neurology, First Clinical College, China Medical University from November 2006 to July 2007.


PC12 cells were cultured at the Cell Center of Peking Union Medical College. A β 25–35 (Sigma, USA), antibodies of Bcl–2 and Bax (Wuhan Boster, China), and recombinant human cyclophilin A (Biomol, USA) were used in this study.


PC12 cells were divided into three groups. Cells in the control group were incubated in culture medium. Cells in the A β 25–35 injury group were incubated in medium containing a final concentration of 10 μ mol/L of A β 25–35. Cells in the cyclophilin A group were incubated in medium containing a final concentration of 10 nmol/L of cyclophilin A for 30 minutes, and then treated with 10 μ mol/L A β 25–35.


After 24 hours of culture, immunohistochemistry was used to detect Bcl–2 and Bax expression in PC12 cells. Annexin-V flow cytometry was employed to measure the apoptosis rate of PC12 cells. The MTT method was applied to examine the survival rate of PC12 cells.


Bcl–2 expression decreased, whereas Bax expression increased in PC12 cells treated with A β 25–35 (t = 2.277, 5.957, P < 0.05). However, in PC12 cells treated with A β 25–35 and cyclophilin A, Bcl–2 expression increased and Bax expression decreased (t = 4.497, 2.531, P < 0.05). The survival rate of PC12 cells significantly decreased and the apoptosis rate increased (t=8.509, 22.886, P < 0.05) following A β 25–35 treatment. Cyclophilin A enhanced the survival rate of PC12 cells to A β 25–35-induced apoptosis (t = 4.895, 10.042, P < 0.05).


Cyclophilin A can increase Bcl–2 expression and decrease Bax expression in PC12 cells treated with A β 25–35, which indicates that cyclophilin A has a protective effect on A β 25–35-induced injury to PC12 cells.

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