Adipose derived stem cells and nerve regeneration

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Injuries to peripheral nerves are common and cause life-changing problems for patients alongside high social and health care costs for society. Current clinical treatment of peripheral nerve injuries predominantly relies on sacrificing a section of nerve from elsewhere in the body to provide a graft at the injury site. Much work has been done to develop a bioengineered nerve graft, precluding sacrifice of a functional nerve. Stem cells are prime candidates as accelerators of regeneration in these nerve grafts. This review examines the potential of adipose-derived stem cells to improve nerve repair assisted by bioengineered nerve grafts.


Smith RJP is supported by the Hargreaves and Ball trust. Faroni A and Reid AJ are supported by the National Institute for Health Research, the Academy of Medical Sciences and the British Society for Surgery of the Hand.


Faroni A, Smith RJP, Reid AJ. Adipose derived stem cells and peripheral nerve regeneration. Neural Regen Res. 2014;9(14):1341-1346.

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