Ongoing Photosensitivity in An Elderly Patient With Jeavons Sydrome

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Photosensitivity, which is a main feature of Jeavons syndrome, can be seen in other types of idiopathic or genetic epilepsies with focal or generalized seizures and tends to disappear spontaneously usually in the second decade. Although it responds well to antiepileptic treatment, especially to valproic acid, it may continue into adulthood in rare cases.

Case Report:

We describe a 63-year-old male patient with eyelid myoclonia with absences, generalized tonic-clonic seizures, and severe photosensitivity accompanied by eyelid myoclonia. Seizures were treated with antiepileptic treatment, whereas photosensitivity still continued on electroencephalogram without clinical findings.


Our elderly patient with Jeavons syndrome with ongoing remarkable photosensitivity demonstrated that it may continue to older ages, although it is uncommon.

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