Developingevidencebased practice among students

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Emanuel V et al (2011) Developing evidence-based practice among students. Nursing Times; 107: 49/50, 21–23. In response to government initiatives and the rise in patient empowerment, nurses are increasingly being challenged to deliver high-quality care supported by evidencebased practice. This can be a challenge for nurse educators providing the foundation for pre-registration student nurses.

Evidence-based practice within nursing is achieved by developing and supporting patient-centred approaches to care using the most current evidence. This facilitates the development of a questioning approach incorporating the four principles of healthcare ethics - beneficence, non-maleficence, autonomy and justice.

Patient care must be based on the latest evidence-based practice. Student nurses should be introduced to the principles of this as part of pre-registration education

In this article…

> How evidence-based practice has been defined

> The benefits of using evidence-based practice to influence work undertaken in clinical settings

> Why it is important for student nurses to be able to evaluate evidence

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