Testing care pathways for prostate cancer survivors

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Frew G, Dashfield E (2012) Testing care pathways for prostate cancer survivors. Nursing Times; 108:13, 30-31.Although prostate cancer incidence rates have risen sharply over the last 30 years, the survival rate is also high.New pathways of care are needed to support patients, where appropriate, to self-manage. This article describes a project that is testing risk-stratified care pathways and nurses' role in this new model of care.In this article…▸ Why new models of care are needed for cancer survivors▸ How new care pathways for prostate cancer are being tested▸ Nurses' role in supporting cancer survivors5 key points1 Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK2 The current model of care focuses on the disease rather than the individual3 Nurses have a pivotal role in supporting the shift from the traditional model to one that helps patients help themselves4 With stratification, patients agree the care pathway in partnership with the clinical team5 Some common principles underpin this new approach to care

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