Does NHS staff wellbeing affect patients' experience of care?

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It may be reasonable to presume that patients receive better care from staff who feel happier in their work. However, little is known about the strength or possible impact of associations between staff wellbeing and patient outcomes, including their experiences of the care provided. Previous research has tended to focus on single aspects or one staff group (Taylor et al, 2007; Michie et al, 1996), or has looked at associations at the whole hospital level, for example by using national staff and patient surveys, and hospital-level outcomes (Boorman, 2009; Raleigh et al, 2009). Researchers at the National Nursing Research Unit have completed a study in the English NHS exploring the links between patients' experiences of healthcare and staff experiences at work such as staff motivation and wellbeing at work (Maben et al, 2012a; Warr, 1987). Staff and patient views were captured at team/unit level; where possible, staff were matched to the individual patients they cared for to test associations between staff and patient experience (Maben et al, 2012b).

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