Maintaining continence in people with dementia

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People with dementia may experience incontinence. It is important that both patients and their environment are assessed for possible causes

Andrews J (2013) Maintaining continence in people with dementia. Nursing Times; 109: 27, 20-21

Incontinence is not an inevitable consequence of having dementia, but continence can be an issue. Nurses need to have strategies in place to provide supportive continence care for people with dementia not only in hospitals, care homes and day care services, but also for those living at home alone or with a carer. For this to happen, the patient and home environment need to be assessed.

This article explores steps that can be taken to preserve the dignity of people with dementia if they become incontinent. The role of health professionals in hospitals is discussed, as well as changes that can be made in patients' own homes.

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