CARDIAC REHABILITATION: PART 2 OF 2: Factors in attendance at cardiac rehabilitation

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O'Connell S (2014) Cardiac rehabilitation 2: factors in attendance at cardiac rehabilitation. Nursing Times; 110: 19, 20–22.


The aim of this study was to advance our understanding of why patients do not attend our local cardiac rehabilitation programme.


All patients referred to the CR programme over a three-month period were invited to take part. Patients completed three questionnaires.


Twenty-five patients agreed to take part in the study, 16 of whom returned questionnaires. A preference for exercise at home was the most common reason given for not attending phase 3 CR.


This study highlighted the need for flexibility in the provision of phase-3 CR.

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> A study on why patients did not attend a local cardiac rehabilitation programme in Guernsey

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> The influence of the island's demographic profile

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> Implications for practice

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Cardiac rehabilitation aids recovery, so the reasons why people do and do not attend should be understood. A study found that such services should be more flexible

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