Comparing nurses’ and doctors’ prescribing habits

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Funnell F et al (2014) Comparing nurses’ and doctors’ prescribing habits. Nursing Times; 110: 29, 12-14.


Nurses’ prescribing activity in a mental health trust prompted examination of whether nurse prescribers replicate their mentors’ prescribing habits.


To explore nurses’ and medical mentors’ prescribing habits to inform nurse-prescribing strategy.


The trust’s 14 most-active nurse prescribers and nine of their medical mentors were interviewed. Transcripts underwent phenomenological analysis.


64 themes emerged showing nurses and doctors approach prescribing differently. Themes were grouped into four categories.


Nurse prescribers tend to have greater holistic awareness of patients but are also more risk averse.


Greater strategic vision is required to incentivise nurse prescribing; on its current trajectory it will not meet identified prescribing needs.

•This article has been double-blind peer reviewed

Nurses’ prescribing behaviour at a mental health trust was compared with that of their medical mentors to assess similarities and differences

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▸ Nurses' views on prescribing

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