DemeNTIA: PArT 1 of 4: How dementia differs from normal ageing

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Ginesi L et al (2016) Dementia 1: How dementia differs from normal ageing. Nursing Times; 112: 24, 12–15.

Dementia is a collective name for a set of symptoms that include memory loss, mood changes, confusion and increasing difficulty with everyday tasks. This four-part series provides an overview of dementia and its treatment, from its causes and pathophysiology to diagnosis and the nurse's role in its management. This first article reviews the main forms of dementia and how research is shedding new light on the differences between dementia and normal ageing.

Prevalence of dementia is growing as the overall age of the population rises. This article, the first in a four-part series, differentiates between dementia and normal ageing

In this article…

> The differences between dementia and ‘normal’ ageing

> Physiological changes that lead to dementia

> The concept of ‘inflammaging’

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