Views on and perceptions of a paperless NHS

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Onifade A, Sque M (2016) Views on and perceptions of a paperless NHS. Nursing Times; 112: 32/33/34, 12–14. Little research has been undertaken to ascertain nurses' views of a paperless NHS so health professionals in a hospital in the West Midlands were asked about the initiative through face-to-face interviews and a focus group. This article outlines their responses. It shows that some were unaware of the scheme, while others were generally positive about electronic healthcare records (EHRs) but concerned about their use in practice.

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> How electronic health records should benefit patients and staff

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> Nurses' awareness of the aim for a paperless NHS by 2018

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> Views on perceived benefits and problems of a paperless NHS

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Health professionals in a hospital that implemented use of electronic health records in 2010 were asked about their views on moving towards a paperless NHS

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