Using evaluation to improve teaching

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Parkinson B (2016) Using evaluation to improve teaching and revalidation. Nursing Times; online issue 7, 8–10. Nurses in both clinical and education settings are often required to deliver training and education to nursing colleagues, other professionals or students. It is likely that most registered nurses will be required to deliver some form of education or training during their careers, so whether they work full-time in education or deliver training within their clinical role, the chances are most will be a ‘nurse educator’ at some point. This means nurses in clinical and/or education roles will benefit from learning how to evaluate their teaching, and how to use this feedback to improve their practice and meet revalidation requirements.

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> Why evaluation is important

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> An outline of different evaluation methods

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> Other benefits of regular evaluation

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Evaluation comes in many forms and is a useful way to enhance education and improve practice. Different methods can be used together for greater reliability

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