From leader to leadership in emergency care

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Lloyd A, Clegg G (2016) From leader to leadership in emergency care Nursing Times; 41/42: 10–12.

Historically, leadership research has focused on the qualities of people in formal leadership positions, not the processes of leadership itself. However, leader-centric approaches are unhelpful in healthcare, as good team performance is often the result of interactions between individuals, rather than the work of one person. This is particularly the case in emergency care, as shown by studies exploring how resuscitation teams work. This article discusses how shortcomings in the leadership discourse have permeated healthcare and are hindering the study of leadership. The authors suggest that focussing on what makes good leadership, as opposed to what makes good leaders, will provide a way forward.

What makes good leadership in healthcare? This is much debated, but team interactions seem at least as important as who the designated leader is

In this article…

> Problems in forming clinically relevant definition of leadership

> How leadership is traditionally conceptualised in health

> Why the focus has moved from leader-centric approaches

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