Patients’ experiences of treatment and care after ileostomy

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An ileostomy can be a source of distress for patients, especially when complications arise or reversal surgery is considered. In a recent small-scale qualitative study, researchers interviewed 21 people who had undergone an ileostomy. It found that complications were common and could have a strong negative effect on participants’ wellbeing. Some participants perceived their care as dehumanising or inadequate. Two had developed a dependency on opiates. This article summarises the research to provide insight into patients’ experience and how they can help them.Citation Nicholls A et al (2017) Patients’ experiences of treatment and care after ileostomy. Nursing Times [online]; 113: 8, 56–57.In this article…• Outcomes of interviews with 21 patients living with an ileostomy• How nurses can improve care for people after an ileostomy• Understanding patient experiences of nursing care

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