Using sustained recovery and relapse prevention in mental health

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This article has been double-blind peer reviewed

Author Rami Jumnoodoo is project lead, relapse prevention; Patrick Coyne is consultant nurse, relapse prevention; Marco Isetta is library and knowledge services manager; all at Central and North West London Foundation Trust.

Abstract In mental health care, the recovery model emphasises the rooting of new meanings and purpose in one's life to move beyond the effects of mental illness. However, mental health service users also need strategies to ensure their recovery is sustainable in the long term. In trying to find a solution to the issue of sustainability, a group of mental health professionals working in Brent has designed an approach that blends the principles of recovery and relapse prevention. This article describes the model, its conceptual background and benefits.

Citation Jumnoodoo R et al (2017) The Brent model of sustained recovery in mental health. Nursing Times; 113: 12, 58-60.

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