Harmonising nursing and midwifery titles in an acute hospital

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This article has been double-blind peer reviewedIn this article…• Information on the lack of consistency and clarity around the job titles of nurses and midwives• Why too many titles in nursing and midwifery is bad for the profession• How Imperial College Healthcare Trust reduced the number of nursing and midwifery titles it usesAuthors Matthew Grundy-Bowers is consultant nurse (HIV and sexual health); Scott O'Brien is head of children's services; Victoria Harmer is Macmillan consultant nurse (breast); all at Imperial College Healthcare Trust, London. When reading the job title on a nurse's name badge, colleagues are often unclear about that nurse's role, experience, seniority, education level and competence. This article describes a project conducted at Imperial College Healthcare Trust, London, to narrow down and simplify the titles used for its nurses, midwives and support staff.Citation Grundy-Bowers M et al (2018) Harmonising nursing and midwifery titles in an acute hospital. Nursing Times [online]; 114: 1, 36-39.Key pointsA large number of different job titles are used for nurses and midwivesThe number of titles and lack of consistency in their use confuse patients and staffMany different titles results in ambiguous role expectations and the scope of practice being unclearConfusion around titles has a negative impact on the professional identity of nurses and midwives

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