Making the most of the relationship with your dissertation supervisor

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This article has been double-blind peer reviewedIn this article…• Complexity of the dissertation supervisor role and supervisory process• Potential issues between student and supervisor• Guidance for students on how to handle the relationship with their supervisorAuthor Mike Lowry is a freelance writer and former nursing academic. Writing a dissertation can be stressful; one of the keys to success is for students to have a positive, fruitful relationship with their dissertation supervisor, whose guidance can be a great asset. Making the most of this important relationship starts with meeting the supervisor early in the process to agree on roles and expectations. This article, part of an occasional series on study skills, gives an overview of how students and supervisors should handle the process, what each party's responsibilities are, and how to resolve potential conflict.Citation Lowry M (2018) Making the most of the relationship with your dissertation supervisor. Nursing Times [online]; 114: 1, 43-46.Key pointsDissertation supervisors provide emotional, academic and personal management support to their studentsStudents and supervisors should agree from the outset what they can expect from each otherStudents should endeavour to attend meetings, submit work on time and reflect on the process and learningSupervisors should be supportive and nurturing but also challenging, and avoid creating dependencyThere is emotional labour involved for both sides, and this should be acknowledged as part of the process

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