A primary care screening model to identify latent tuberculosis infection

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Abstract Although the incidence of tuberculosis has been declining in the UK since a peak in 2011, TB remains a significant public health issue. Infection is often latent but can become active and so requires treatment. Migrants from high-incidence countries are at particular risk, but chest X-ray screening on entry to the UK is not cost-effective and would not identify latent infection. This article describes a new service offered in general practices in Southampton to identify latent TB infection in recent migrants from high-prevalence countries. It explores the challenges and benefits of moving TB screening to a primary care setting. The Southampton experience shows that offering latent TB testing in primary care is a valuable health promotion tool, as it allows us to identify patients and engage them with treatment before the disease becomes active.

Citation Fudge D (2018) A primary care screening model to identify latent tuberculosis infection. Nursing Times [online]; 114: 5, 48-50.

This article has been double-blind peer reviewed

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