Behavioral Manipulation by Optogenetics in the Nonhuman Primate

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Given their neuroanatomical similarities to humans and their ability to perform complex behaviors, the nonhuman primate has been an important model for understanding complex systems such as sensory processing, motor control, social interaction, and nervous system disorders. Optogenetics offers cell-type specific neural control with millisecond precision, making it a powerful neural modulation technique. Combining optogenetics with the nonhuman primate model promises to lead to significant advances in both basic and applied research. In the past few years, optogenetics has made considerable progress in the nonhuman primate. Here, we systematically review the current state-of-art of optogenetics in the nonhuman primate with an emphasis on behavioral manipulation. Given its recent successes, we believe that the progress in the nonhuman primate will boost the translation of optogenetics to clinical applications in the near future.

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