Crucial contextual attributes of nursing leadership towards a care ethics

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Background:It is of importance to understand and communicate caring ethics as a ground for qualitative caring environments. Research is needed on nursing attributes that are visible in nursing leadership since it may give bases for reflections related to the patterns of specific contexts.Aim:The aim of this study was to illuminate the meaning of crucial attributes in nursing leadership toward an ethical care of patients in psychiatric in-patient settings.Research design:The design of the study was descriptive and qualitative with a phenomenological hermeneutical approach.Participants and research context:The study comprised focus group interviews with nurses working in indoor psychiatric care who participated after giving informed consent.Ethical considerations:Since the topic and informants are not labeled as sensitive and subject to ethical approval, it is not covered by the ethics committee’s aim and purpose according to Swedish law. However, careful procedures have been followed according to ethics expressed in the Declaration of Helsinki.Findings:When identifying the thematic structures, analysis resulted in three major themes: To supply, including the following aspects: to supply evidence, to supply common space, and to supply good structures; To support, including the following aspects: to be a role model, to show appreciation and care, and to harbor; To shield, including the following aspects: to advocate, to emit non-tolerance of unethical behavior, and to reprove.Discussion:Leadership is challenging for nurses and plays an important role in ethical qualitative care. These findings should not be understood as a description about nurse manager’s role, which probably has different attributes and more focus on an organizational level.Conclusion:Making the understanding about crucial attributes explicit, the nurse may receive confirmation and recognition of crucial attributes for ethical care in order to move toward an ethical care.

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