Quantum Caring Leadership: Integrating Quantum Leadership With Caring Science

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The authors of this article integrate two historically parallel yet disparate fields of nursing, caring science theory and nursing quantum leadership science. Through a nursing, discipline-specific unitary paradigm lens, intersecting principles of caring science and quantum leadership science are uncovered. The result is a model for unitary, discipline-specific, nursing healthcare leadership: Quantum Caring Healthcare Leadership. Ontological congruence is uncovered among the philosophical-ethical-theoretical principles of caring science and the unifying disciplinary structural concepts from quantum leadership. The result is a model for discipline-specific, healthcare leadership. This convergence is potentially theory-generating for both unitary science and healthcare leadership. In this model, both quantum leadership and caring science are transformed and metamorphosed into a new unitary, discipline-specific entity to guide further advancement of knowledge, theory, and discipline-specific healthcare leadership and practice.

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