SCIENCE AND SOCIETY: Development of the Asian Men's Health Report: challenges and opportunities

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| Men have shorter life expectancy and higher mortality than women; however, only a few countries have dedicated men's health policies. Men's health reports can support the development of men's health policies. The 2013 Asian Men's Health Report (AMHR) systematically documents and compares the status of men's health across countries in Asia. The AMHR can be used as an exemplar to guide future men's health reports. The main challenges during creation of the AMHR were the lack of comprehensive health databases and the variety of data quality between countries. The AMHR revealed variations in mortality and morbidity across diseases, regions, and income groups, prompting a Delphi survey among men's health stakeholders to determine whether any dedicated men's health policies in Asia existed and to reach a consensus on the recommendations of men's health policies. The AMHR helped to promote men's health in Asia and across the world, generated research questions and collaborations, provided evidence to support development of men's health policies, identified the need to improve existing health databases, and developed a framework for the creation of other men's health reports.

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