IMAGING: MRI improves cost and accuracy of prostate cancer biopsy

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Randomized trials of screening for localized prostate cancer on the basis of crude PSA thresholds and 6-12-core template biopsies had disappointing results. To improve patient outcomes, novel diagnostic tools with a high discriminative ability for clinically significant cancer are needed. The use of MRI can improve detection at biopsy without disproportionate increases in costs.Refers to Faria, R. et al. Optimising the diagnosis of prostate cancer in the era of multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging: a cost-effectiveness analysis based on the Prostate MR Imaging Study (PROMIS). Eur. Urol. (2017) | Borkowetz, A. et al. Prospective comparison of transperineal MRI/ultrasound-fusion biopsy and transrectal systematic biopsy in biopsy-naive patients. BJU Int. (2017)

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