Selection of a novel class of RNA–RNA interaction motifs based on the ligase ribozyme with defined modular architecture

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To develop molecular tools for the detection and control of RNA molecules whose functions rely on their 3D structures, we have devised a selection system to isolate novel RNA motifs that interact with a target RNA structure within a given structural context. In this system, a GAAA tetraloop and its specific receptor motif (11-ntR) from an artificial RNA ligase ribozyme with modular architecture (the DSL ribozyme) were replaced with a target structure and random sequence, respectively. Motifs recognizing the target structure can be identified by in vitro selection based on ribozyme activity. A model selection targeting GAAA-loop successfully identified motifs previously known as GAAA-loop receptors. In addition, a new selection targeting a C-loop motif also generated novel motifs that interact with this structure. Biochemical analysis of one of the C-loop receptor motifs revealed that it could also function as an independent structural unit.

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