NetVenn: an integrated network analysis web platform for gene lists

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Many lists containing biological identifiers, such as gene lists, have been generated in various genomics projects. Identifying the overlap among gene lists can enable us to understand the similarities and differences between the data sets. Here, we present an interactome network-based web application platform named NetVenn for comparing and mining the relationships among gene lists. NetVenn contains interactome network data publically available for several species and supports a user upload of customized interactome network data. It has an efficient and interactive graphic tool that provides a Venn diagram view for comparing two to four lists in the context of an interactome network. NetVenn also provides a comprehensive annotation of genes in the gene lists by using enriched terms from multiple functional databases. In addition, it allows for mapping the gene expression data, providing information of transcription status of genes in the network. The power graph analysis tool is integrated in NetVenn for simplified visualization of gene relationships in the network. NetVenn is freely available at or

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