BiQ Analyzer HiMod: an interactive software tool for high-throughput locus-specific analysis of 5-methylcytosine and its oxidized derivatives

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Recent data suggest important biological roles for oxidative modifications of methylated cytosines, specifically hydroxymethylation, formylation and carboxylation. Several assays are now available for profiling these DNA modifications genome-wide as well as in targeted, locus-specific settings. Here we present BiQ Analyzer HiMod, a user-friendly software tool for sequence alignment, quality control and initial analysis of locus-specific DNA modification data. The software supports four different assay types, and it leads the user from raw sequence reads to DNA modification statistics and publication-quality plots. BiQ Analyzer HiMod combines well-established graphical user interface of its predecessor tool, BiQ Analyzer HT, with new and extended analysis modes. BiQ Analyzer HiMod also includes updates of the analysis workspace, an intuitive interface, a custom vector graphics engine and support of additional input and output data formats. The tool is freely available as a stand-alone installation package from

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