Intensive care unit nurses' evaluation of simulation used for team training

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To implement a simulation-based team training programme and to investigate intensive care nurses' evaluations of simulation used for team training.


Simulation-based training is recommended to make health care professionals aware of and understand the importance of teamwork related to patient safety.


The study was based on a questionnaire evaluation design.


A total of 63 registered nurses were recruited: 53 from seven intensive care units in four hospitals in one hospital trust and 10 from an intensive care postgraduate education programme. After conducting a simulation-based team training programme with two scenarios related to emergency situations in the intensive care, the participants evaluated each simulation activity with regard to: (i) outcome of satisfaction and self-confidence in learning, (ii) implementation of educational practice and (iii) simulation design/development.


Intensive care nurses were highly satisfied with their simulation-based learning, and they were mostly in agreement with the statements about self-confidence in learning. They were generally positive in their evaluation of the implementation of the educational practice and the simulation design/development. Significant differences were found with regard to scenario roles, prior simulation experience and area of intensive care practice.


The study indicates a positive reception of a simulation-based programme with regard to team training in emergency situations in an intensive care unit.

Relevance to clinical practice:

The findings may motivate and facilitate the use of simulation for team training to promote patient safety in intensive care and provide educators with support to develop and improve simulation-based training programmes.

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