Dynamics and diverse functions of nuclear pore complex proteins

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Nuclear pore complexes (NPCs) are best known for their central role in controlling the molecular trafficking between the cytoplasm and the nucleus. NPCs are assembled from about 30 different proteins and a growing body of evidence suggests that these nucleoporins are not only acting in the context of NPCs, but also in the nucleoplasm and cytoplasm. In this context it is well accepted that a set of nucleoporins are important regulators of a variety of mitotic processes, including kinetochore assembly, spindle checkpoint control and cytokinesis, whereas others associate with chromatin and administer gene expression. However, the functional importance of nucleoporins go far beyond these roles and this review will provide an overview of the latest insights into the versatility of metazoan nucleoporins with an emphasis on their roles in cell migration, cellular signaling and tissue-specific activities.

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