Understanding the rise ofYinaoin China: A commentary on the little known phenomenon of healthcare violence

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(healthcare disturbance) refers to violent incidents directed against healthcare staff and facilities for financial benefit. In China, incidences of Yinao are widespread and increasing, but little is known of this phenomenon in the wider global community. This commentary investigates the factors behind Yinao to achieve a deeper understanding. Causes include a lack of trust in medical staff, fueled by costly medical expenses; difficulties in accessing treatment; poor treatment outcomes; high patient expectations; a misunderstanding or rejection of medical ethics; misleading media reports; and a complex appeals process. Both doctors and nurses have been the targets of violent and distressing Yinao events, resulting in emotional pain, physical injury, and even death. In response, hospitals have established a series of preventative measures and and the government has increased the penalties for perpetrators of acts of Yinao. The situation is a salient reminder to policymakers worldwide of the importance of an accessible, affordable, and equitable health system.

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