Predictors and measurement of satisfaction with postpartum care in a government hospital

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In this study, the predictors of satisfaction with postpartum care at a government hospital were evaluated. The descriptive research sample included 300 mothers in their postpartum period. Data were collected using a questionnaire and the Postpartum Nursing Care Evaluation Scale. The regression analysis undertaken showed that mothers who received prenatal care had a significantly higher evaluation score (compared to those who had not received prenatal care), as had mothers who had a caesarean delivery (compared to vaginal birth), as well as those who had received support from friends and relatives during their postpartum period (compared to those who did not receive such support). Our recommendation is that postpartum nursing care be improved for mothers who deliver vaginally, have not received prenatal care, were unintentionally pregnant, and have problems with breastfeeding. The results will help nurses who work with an international population of postpartum women to give professional, systematic, and patient-centered care to postpartum mothers in order to increase patient satisfaction.

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