Segmentation of the gallbladder: Effect on bile entry and exit and its clinical relevance in a patient with abdominal pain

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BackgroundThe effects of folds or septa on gallbladder filling and emptying are not known.MethodsGallbladder filling and emptying were measured in seven patients with two chambers (segmental) and compared with 10 subjects with a single chamber (control). Percent bile flow into gallbladder, and percent ejection fraction from the proximal and distal segments, and entire gallbladder were measured with cholecystokinin.ResultsBile entry into gallbladder was similar in both groups. In patients with segmentation, overall emptying was low mostly due to poor emptying of the distal segment.ConclusionSegmentation of the gallbladder does not affect bile entry, but acting as a one-way valve, a fold or septum lowers emptying significantly, mostly from the distal segment.

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