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The Second Séminaire sur les Techniques Nouvelles de Traitement des MatricesCreuses pour les Problèmes Industriels (Second Symposium on New Techniques forthe Treatment of Sparse Matrices for Industrial Problems) was held at the Universitédes Sciences et Technologies de Lille, April 28-29, 1997. It followed the first one inGrenoble in February 1995.The organizing committee consisted of C. Brezinski (Université Lille), L. Colombet(CEA Grenoble), J. David (CEA Saclay), S. Petiton (Universitée Lille), N. Revol(Université Lille), Y. Saad (DCS Minneapolis) and D. Trystram (IMAG Grenoble).The local organizing committee consisted of C. Brezinski, C. Le Calvez, S. Petitonand N. Revol, all from the University of Lille.Around 100 participants attended the congress. They came from various universitiesand industries, some of them from Belgium, Great Britain, Morocco and theUSA.The congress consisted of 13 one hour invited talks and a round table on methodsand software for industrial problems. We thank all speakers for giving very interestingtalks, thus making the congress very lively. Various aspects of numerical computationswith sparse matrices were treated: new algorithms, effective handling of very largesparse systems, parallel techniques, preconditioning, direct and iterative methods, etc.This issue contains the papers corresponding to five of these invited talks and we verymuch appreciated the additional effort of their authors.We would like to thank the Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille,the Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, the Conseil Général de la Région Nord - Pasde Calais, the Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille and the Laboratoired'Analyse Numérique et d'Optimisation de l'Université des Sciences et Technologiesde Lille whose financial and logistic support made possible the organization and thesuccess of the congress.

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