Thoughts to Thrive (or Survive) Professional Transitions

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This article shares practical ideas on how to thrive or survive an unexpected professional transition. The ideas are based on the author's personal experience and years of listening to, and coaching, professional colleagues. The logistics of transitioning out of an organization are difficult enough when it is planned. The challenges of doing so when it is an unexpected transition can be daunting. Logistical considerations on how to leave an organization and begin to explore other opportunities are presented. Topics include strategies on how to be resilient, manage financial and benefit changes, communicate reasons for the job change, and tap into professional networks. In today's environment, these logistical considerations are worthy of proactive contemplation. Exceptional leaders have likely spent their professional lives leading with valor, and times of transition should be no exception. Thriving and surviving in transition calls for a sense of resilience, careful consideration of potentially unforeseen logistics related to exiting an organization, and a sense of inspiration to continue to lead with courage.

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