Developing Governance Structures in Health Care System Consolidation: A Framework for Nurse Leaders

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Given the acceleration and increasing complexity of integrative care models across health systems, the question how governance and management structure(s) should be operationalized and evolved to achieve peak system performance is paramount. In a recent evaluation of partnerships with the University of Kentucky HealthCare (UK HealthCare), the conceptualization of the integration management model was explored. It was recognized that nursing leadership, governance structure, and relationships are vital for successful movement and migration of appropriate care models. In this case, the evolving governance models and the forecasted impact on models of care delivery were carefully considered. This included the potential impact on nursing practice. As the model was developed, a conceptual framework was utilized to examine potential variant relationship arrangements and to provide organization to key constructs. Utilization of a blueprint to optimize decision making and provide a replicable approach was essential to management of the integration philosophy.

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