International Nursing: Nurse Managers' Leadership and Management Competencies Assessed by Nursing Personnel in a Finnish Hospital

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The aim of this research was to describe nurse managers' leadership and management competencies (NMLMC) from the perspective of nursing personnel. Nurse managers are responsible for the management of the largest professional group in social and health care. The assessment of NMLMC is needed because of their powerful influence on organizational effectiveness. An electronic survey was conducted among the nursing personnel (n = 166) of 1 Finnish hospital in spring 2016. Nursing personnel assessed their manager using a NMLMC scale consisting of general and special competences. The data were statistically analyzed. Leadership and management competencies were assessed as being quite good by the nursing personnel. The best-assessed area of general competence was professional competence and credibility and the weakest was service initiation and innovation. The best-assessed area of special competence was substance knowledge and the weakest was research and development. The nursing personnel's assessment of their nurse manger's competencies was associated with the personnel's education level, working experience, and with their knowledge of the manager's education. Conclusion was made that nursing personnel highly value professional competence as part of nursing leadership and management. To achieve more appreciation, nurse managers have to demonstrate their education and competence. They must also work in more open and versatile ways with their nursing personnel.

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