Institutional Sources of Articles: Published in the American Journal of Nursing, Nursing Outlook, and Nursing Research

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To identify institutions in which scholarly productivity in nursing is occurring, all articles appearing in American Journal of Nursing, Nursing Outlook, and NURSING RESEARCH from 1963 to 1977 were tabulated according to institutional affiliation of author, geographic location of institution, and highest degree obtained by the author. More than half of the 5,560 articles appeared in AJN, and more than half were written by authors in the Mid-Atlantic and North Central areas of the U.S.A. Fifty-eight percent of the articles were written by nurses with at least a masters degree. There were 32 institutions in which at least 20 articles originated during the 15 years studied. The three top-ranking institutions, according to number of publications, were University of Washington. University of California at San Francisco, and University of California at Los Angeles. The findings revealed that publications in AJN, NO, and NR originated in a large number of institutions and that there were few institutions in which large numbers of articles originated.

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